I was a 16 year old teen driven and fascinated by all the jacked athletes, bodybuilders and movie stars with their rock-hard abs and popping veins with an unconfident feeling for how i looked when i stood in front of the mirror.

I was desperate to look exactly like those jacked movie stars and have that sharp, fantastic six-pack abs. I started going to the gym and worked my ass off while eating as less as possible. For the entire 3 years i desperately worked out in the gym without taking any days off from my workout regime and avoiding all the social situations where food outside my nutrition plan was involved. I stumbled a lot and failed a lot in my attempts with no REAL results. But in my 3 years of hard work and constant failure, I found the things that don’t work and also found ways that DID WORK.

After getting real results for myself and getting rid of all the disgust, the lack of confidence with how i looked, WITHOUT starving myself, obsessing over restrictive diets, tracking every morsel that passed my lips, I got out of that cycle which many of you badly want to get out of. Now FINALLY  I feel very confident with how I look while still working to be better, enjoy life and its little pleasures without obsessing over my diet and workouts, enjoy the freedom to wear those cool clothes all of it without going back to my unhealthy lifestyle or without losing all my results. Click here to know more about me.

But i want you to know that i don’t have some super cool formulas to burn that fat off or any magic pills which will help you lose weight. What I have is simple, real, sustainable, scientifically proven strategies to get you REAL results…as long as you are willing to put in the work and make lifestyle changes so you enjoy those results for the rest of your life as all of my clients do.